Solving Business Problems through Music

We help our clients to develop and motivate their employees, using music as a lens to explore and overcome business challenges. Workshops are a fun and inclusive way of engaging and energising all employees from the postroom to the boardroom.

They can be tailored to a specific brief and are designed to cover key development themes such as leadership, team building, communication, change, diversity and inclusion.

Inclusion and Unity of Team

We explore the qualities inherent in an ensemble performer and discover ways of applying this to affect team building at work. Our participants work together to create a final performance which acts as a powerful analogy for togetherness.

Workshop content:

The role I play – the importance of understanding your role as an individual and how you affect the team performance.

The power of togetherness –the importance of team, diversity and the power of a cohesive whole.

Lead like the Great Conductors

We focus on inclusive leadership by exploring the attributes of a great conductor and extending this analogy to the business environment.

Workshop content:

Understanding the power of gesture

The importance of listening and providing actionable feedback.

Team building – how to impart responsibility on to every member of the team.


Think like a Jazz musician

Work can often be fast-paced, complex and volatile much like a Jazz performance. In this workshop we discover how the attributes of jazz musicianship can be used to develop new ways of communicating and reacting to change.

Workshop content:

Agility of thinking – increasing our ‘brain bandwidth’ to help us deal with multiple issues and demands.

Exploring the notion of ‘No Wrong Notes’- being responsive and free, allowing mistakes and having the ability to react and improvise.


Allies – Experiencing the Other

We explore notions of ‘bias’ and how music can act as a nudge to encourage us to experience ‘the other’. This workshop challenges participants to confront and abandon unconscious bias by truly understanding and being ‘with’ others.

Workshop content:

Individual performance – understanding our individual ability to perform and your role within a team.

Ensemble mentality – being together and ‘with’ not following your leader.
The importance of trust and response.

Unconscious bias and what it means to be a true ally.