Citi Case Study

Citi Case Study

Citi Case Study


The Citi Diversity Team were looking for an inclusive leadership team building event, which made it’s people think differently and wasn’t laden with the usual management jargon.

Music in Offices’ Solution

We created the bespoke ‘Lead Like the Great Conductors’ workshop. Focusing on inclusive leadership and using the analogy of a conductor to help highlight and exhibit qualities of effective leadership, the workshop was a success.

The hour-long workshop covered topics such as power of gesture in encouraging responsiveness from your team and ensemble mentality, where we explored how the structure of orchestras and choirs can be used as a way of understanding and leading your team.


“Thank you for the session you delivered on Tuesday. Your energy and passion infected everyone in the room and the session is the most talked about of Diversity Week.”

“Thank you so much for engaging with (and listening to) my brief; the integrity of the session came down to the fact that you clearly know what you’re talking about when it comes to business, and to leadership!”

“The workshop was a different way of approaching problems that are often dealt with in the same corporate approach.”

“An exceptional session! Gets the leadership message through in a fun and energetic way.”