Health & Wellbeing

Music meets mindfulness

Music is a great way to relieve stress and encourage a healthy, inclusive work environment. Additionally, music can improve mental health and wellbeing amongst employees.

Our Health and Wellbeing workshop studies the mechanics behind vocal projection, the voice box and, equally as important, body awareness. Join us and discover the holistic benefits of music.

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Your body / your instrument

Posture, Projection and Breathing

Health & Wellbeing

For both employees and for the business as a whole, music and our Health and Wellbeing workshop has numerous benefits.

For Staff

Sense of fun and fulfilment

Increased personal confidence

Improved communication skills

Better relationships at work

Singing boosts the immune system

A creative outlet to balance work and personal time

For Business

Increased sense of community

Strong return on a small investment

Tailored networking opportunities

Well balanced workplace environment

Attractive company differentiation for new recruits

Greater employee retention

Better corporate social responsibility

Opportunity to reward staff

“Wow! Amazing. Loved the workshop I came out feeling full of joy and beaming with energy. Esmerelda puts you at ease straight a way and brings out your inner voice. Loved every minute of it and plan to continue singing.”

Sunita Devi, Learning and Development Manager
Reynolds Porter Chamberlain


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