Leadership Workshops

Lead like the Great Conductors

Bring music into your Leadership Programmes. What better way to demonstrate diversity in the office than by bringing people together through music? There are powerful synergies between listening, ensemble playing and standing shoulder to shoulder next to  your colleagues working towards the same performance.

Our Leadership workshops allows participants to explore the analogies between conducting and management techniques. Here’s an example of the content we can cover in a Leadership workshop:

Lead like the Great Conductors

We focus on inclusive leadership by exploring the attributes of a great conductor and extending this analogy to the business environment.

Workshop content:

Understanding the power of gesture

The importance of listening and providing actionable feedback.

Team building – how to impart responsibility on to every member of the team.

Individuals will make their own connections to performance, responsiveness and ensemble mentality.

Lincoln leading


“That absolutely summed up Diversity for me. A completely different way of thinking and approaching problems that are often at times dealt with in the same corporate approach, using an analogy that was easy to understand and meaningful.”

Aysha Tupman Newbery, Diversity and Inclusion Specialist, Citi 

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