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Revolutionise the Boardroom

Posted by Robert Garland on 14th November 2016

Hello everyone, Tomorrow I’m speaking at a panel discussion about how we can use music and the arts to ‘Revolutionise the Boardroom’. We will be exploring the role creative arts can have on improving corporate culture and driving innovation. So … Continue reading

Ensemble mentality

Posted by Louise Alissi on 29th September 2016

Hello everyone, As it’s National Inclusion Week, it seems fitting to explore how music can overcome some of the challenges associated with diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We often refer to diversity and inclusion interchangeably but it’s important to … Continue reading

Musical Leadership

Posted by Louise Alissi on 8th September 2016

Hello everyone In my last post I talked about where Music in Offices (MIO) started and how we have grown over the last ten years. During this period I have had many conversations with clients who represent leading talent from … Continue reading

Creating Harmony at Work

Posted by Robert Garland on 28th July 2016

Hello everyone,  I’m going to tell you how major banks, law firms and other organisations are reaping the benefits music brings to employee engagement, retention and the bottom line. As this is my blog debut, I’ll start at the beginning of … Continue reading

Why do we need Music In Offices

Posted by on 4th April 2007

My name is Tessa Marchington and I am a pianist. I set up Music In Offices in 2006 after graduating from The Royal Academy of Music. I’m neither medical, nor a scientist but I am passionate about music and passionate … Continue reading