Our choirs bring people together, from the most junior to the most senior.

“If our experience at Channel 4 is anything to go by, our joining with Music in Offices has been the most socialising event since I joined the company in 1976!”
Jon Snow, Channel 4

Singing in a choir is a way of breaking down the barriers and boundaries which are often imposed by the corporate world. Our choirs bring people together, from the most junior to the most senior. When you sing together each voice is as important as the next. It’s an extremely unifying experience- the ultimate team building activity.

At Music in Offices, we works with all types of organisations, from City law firms to leading supermarket chains and national TV broadcasters.

We know every business is different so we are not prescriptive about how we set up and manage choirs, but here are some general principles to give an idea of what’s involved.


What’s involved in Music in Offices’ choirs?


Our choirs range from 6 – 40 members and sing everything from Madonna to Mozart. If you’re more Hozier than Handel, fear not – you’ll get the opportunity to sing across a diverse range of genres.

Each choir is assigned a Music in Offices’ conductor who will lead an initial workshop and all subsequent rehearsals and performances.

Choirs generally practice once a week (before work, lunch hour or after work) and all our choirs have lots of fun, informal performance opportunities, as well as the more prestigious performances at venues such as St Paul’s Cathedral, Cadogan Hall and St John’s Smith Square.

So, if you want to perform there are lots of opportunities or if you just want to sing your heart out for an hour a week, that’s fine too!


What You Need To Do


You just need to tell us that you’d like to become a harmonious employer, nominate a MIO champion – someone who would act as an advocate and internal go-to person for other choir members, and a space to rehearse.

Interested in starting your own choir, contact Tessa now