Leadership and Diversity

““That absolutely summed up Diversity for me. A completely different way of thinking and approaching problems that are often at times dealt with in the same corporate approach, using an analogy that was easy to understand and meaningful. Your energy and passion infected everyone in the room and your session was the most talked about of Diversity Week.”
Aysha Tupman Newbery, Head of Leadership and Diversity, Citi

Bring music into your Diversity Weeks and Leadership Programmes. What better way to demonstrate diversity in the office than by bringing people together through music? There are powerful synergies between listening, ensemble playing and standing shoulder and shoulder next to your colleagues working towards the same performance.

At Music in Offices we believe that music is an instinctive and effective way for employers  to break down any potential barriers, focus on a shared end goal and provide the necessary skills to overcome challenges.

Our Leadership and Diversity workshop allows participants to explore the analogies between conducting, ensemble mentality and management techniques.


Content of the Leadership and Diversity Workshop


  • Understanding how business and music mutually benefit each other
  • Helping employees approach diversity and their accompanying issues through music

Our Leadership and Diversity Workshop is organised and run by professional musicians and expert facilitators to create a comfortable atmosphere for:

  • Improved communication
  • More cooperation
  • Increased confidence
  • An inclusive, friendly work environment

Music in Offices workshops and programmes are suitable for all; age, physicality and musical ability are irrelevant. Just come with enthusiasm and we’ll do the rest.

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