Team Building

Looking for a team building activity that receives more high fives than eye rolls?

“My team loved the session and were delighted by the overall effect of singing – and dancing – together. The comments afterwards were unanimously favourable – ‘we should keep singing’ was one of them.”
Benedict Brogran, Lloyds Banking Group

Are you looking for a new team building activity that isn’t expected? At Music in Offices, we believe that music can be used as a powerful management tool.

At Music in Offices, we believe that music can be used as a powerful, unifying tool. Music transcends boundaries and barriers.

Our Team Building workshops are engaging, challenging and a fun way of connecting people through singing and performance.


Sing or have fun, drum or strum

We cater for all musical preferences, offering a fun way to improve communication and do something different together as a team.

Choose from:

Percussion      Samba drumming      Singing      Ukulele

Your workshop

We know that every business and every team has its own unique challenges, so we can structure the workshop around your central idea or message.

Participants will leave having achieved something extraordinary together, feeling more connected and united as a team.

Content outline

Our workshops are facilitated by professional musicians and skilled coordinators covering key themes such as:

o High performance teams

o Self-efficacy

o Reducing inhibitions

o Building trust and inclusion

Added benefits

· Did you know that when you sing you release the happy chemical – endorphins, the trust chemical – oxytocin, and the memory chemical – dopamine, leaving team members feeling upbeat, connected and focused!

· It’s a wonderfully accessible activity regardless of age, skill set or physicality. You don’t have to be musical!