If you want to play it, we can teach it

“My piano lessons are a small life-changing moment
in the working week”
Anne Spackman, News UK

Whether your employees are already accomplished musicians or aspiring amateurs, we tailor our tuition to meet individuals needs.

Sometimes people start out with a clear goal in mind, whilst others prefer us to suggest repertoire and styles. Either way we’ll ensure our students get the most of every minute.

We can offer lessons for any instrument, from the most popular, such as the guitar, or piano, to the obscure – ever heard of a Cretan Lyra?

Music in Offices supports young, talented musicians. A large proportion of our tutors are graduates from some of the world’s most celebrated music colleges and conservatories. We are excited to be able to introduce you to these musicians at such an exciting stage in their careers.


What You Need To Do


To become a Music in Offices tuition member, you simply need to contact us and our Tuition Manager will provide you with all the information.

We will need a quiet space in which to deliver lessons. Students are required to bring their own instruments with the exception of the piano, which we recommend is rented.

Interested in offering lessons to your employees? Contact Catrin now.