Esmeralda Conde Ruiz

Esmeralda Conde Ruiz is one of the most distinguished interdisciplinary choral conductors in the U.K. working through art, theatre and film.

She has conducted David Lang’s ‘the public domain’ at Lincoln Center, New York with over 1,000 singers.

For Tate Modern she has put together a choir of 500 singers and conducted ‘The Bridge’ the centrepiece of the opening weekend in Turbine Hall.

She has been the Choral Music Director at Shakespeare’s Globe ‘The Oresteia’ production and for award winning play ‘The Events’ at Young Vic Theatre.

Esmeralda is the co-founder of Borough Market Choir with performances at Southbank Centre, Union Chapel, Roundhouse and Southwark Cathedral.

For MIO Esmeralda conducts BLP Paribas and RPC.


What was the first piece you conducted? Christmas Carol ’12 Days of Christmas’ with new words related to Borough Market, performed by Borough Market Choir at sold out Shakespeare’s Globe, with an audience of 1100 spontaneously joining in. Such overwhelming experience.
What is your favourite piece of music? 
Non Choral: Brian Eno – An ending (Ascent)
Choral: The Lamb – John Tavener

Who has been the biggest influence in your life? Stephen Berg, American horn player and choral conductor. He inspired me, moved me, mentored me and pushed me into studying music. Thanks to him I truly learned to love choral music.
Where did you grow up? South of Spain and central Germany. Going back and forth;
back and forth. As a child it all felt very normal to me, now I know that the culture clash coudn’t be any bigger.

What single item could you not live without? Cake