Hilary Campbell

Hilary Campbell is a freelance musician based in London, and is founder and director of professional choir Blossom Street, guest conductor of BBC Radio 4’s Daily Service Singers, conductor of several office choirs and Assistant Conductor of the 300 strong Barts Choir. She is Musical Director of Dorking Choral Society, the Music Makers of London, Chiswick Choir and P&O Ferries Choir, the group who won the recent BBC2 series The Choir: Sing While You Work 2, whom she met whilst filming for the series. Her guest work includes ensembles such as the New London Singers and Amici Chamber Choir, and recently she has been undertaking work for the BBC Symphony Chorus. With Blossom Street, she has released two award winning Naxos recordings, and she is also a published and prize­winning composer.


What was the first piece you conducted? I can’t actually remember the very first work I conducted, but certainly an early and very memorable conducting experience was Barber’s Adagio for Kazoo!

What is your favourite piece of music? (choral or non choral) Impossible to answer, but right up there would be Howells’ Requiem.

Who has been the biggest influence in your life? I’ve been privileged to have a few key mentors, without whom I wouldn’t have my career, particularly Paddy Russill and Stephen Jackson.

Where did you grow up? I wended my way gradually north; I grew up in Surrey then Warwickshire, and moved to York for university.

What single item could you not live without? So many things popped into my head for this (my iPhone, prosecco, my piano), but I’d definitely be sunk without sat nav, as my sense of direction is hopeless, and I’m forever heading to gigs in far flung locations.