Lise-Marie Steve

Born in Marseille, Lise-Marie started the violin aged three with the Suzuki method before moving to Spain and then on to Great Britain to finish her studies. After completing her undergraduate studies at the Birmingham Conservatoire, she was fortunate to work in Abbots Bromley School for Girls being involved in the artistic and musical contributions of the school as well as teaching Spanish and French speaking. Lise believes that there is a remarkable connection between music and languages and there is considerable research to be done.

Music is a unifying force particularly when shared with other art forms such as dance, poetry, photography or painting, all being of equal salience. This was the artistic motivation behind her fourth year undergraduate project based on Stravinsky’s masterpieces, The Soldiers Tale. This involved putting together an adult group establishing a contemporary means of expression, to realise a common bond between different artistic components, and to reflect an amalgam of peoples’ views. Lise is hoping to extend and realise a similar project in the future involving both adults and children, to show how art can be appreciated in different ways and on different levels, and be an expression of human belief and understanding.


Where did you study music? I studied music with the Suzuki method in Marseille, then at Trinity Junior in London, at Birmingham Conservatoire and The Royal Academy of music in London.

What is your favourite piece of music? I love music from the Romantic period, ei Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto, Boroding String Quartets, Dvorack’s Symphonies and American String Quartet, Arensky Variations on a theme of Tchaikovsky.

What single thing could you not live without? Music and Sports

Who has inspired you the most? My twin sister, family and Professor during my transition from Birmingham Conservatoire to the Royal Academy.

Where did you grow up? I grew up in the South of France in the country side and then moved to Barcelona and Great Britain.

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