Nicholas Hann

Nicholas Hann is currently studying at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama persuing his over-whelming fascination for music. Nicholas’ study of saxophone, flute, clarinet, recorder and piano allows him to satisfy his interest with a huge variety of musical styles and era’s from Monteverdi to Stockhausen and allows him to cater to the variety of musical focus’ of his pupils. He has just recently begun teaching himself the violin out of a desire to better understand the mind set of a beginner musician in order to help his teaching method.

Nicholas performs regularly with the Columbidae Saxophone Quartet which focuses on premiers of new compositions and arrangements by Nicholas and the ensembles other members. The quartet has also worked in schools and music centres giving performances and masterclasses.

In 2018 Nicholas is looking forward to premiers of his compositions including a piece for 6 saxophones and piano to be conducted by John Harle and the staging of his first chamber opera.