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In her first blog post for Music in Offices, MIO Founder Tessa Marchington shares what inspired her to set up the workplace wellbeing organisation. 

I’m going to tell you how major banks, law firms and other organisations are reaping the benefits music brings to employee engagement, retention and the bottom line. As this is my blog debut, I’ll start at the beginning of my journey.

Ten years ago, at the Royal Academy of Music in London, I was privileged to be in a heightened environment of musical creativity, collaboration and listening. I saw the effect this had on people, and their ability to work together. At the same time, my brother was working as a Lawyer in the City where he would work long hours in front of a computer screen, often with little interaction with colleagues, and the contrast between my environment and his struck me. This sowed the seed of an idea to bring music lessons into the workplace. It felt like a no brainer, offering employees a chance to do something completely different in their working day, to channel some energy, and ignite some creativity!

Within weeks of launching our tuition and choir programmes and with the amazing support of Deirdre Walker, Senior Partner at Norton Rose Fulbright there was an evident demand and Music in Offices (MIO) was born. We had immediate positive feedback from our new clients, including at Deloitte where, 80% of their pupils said that having music in their office made them feel more positive about working there.

For others their lessons were a ‘life changing moment’ in their working week.  

Peter Martyr, CEO Norton Rose Fulbright said recently:

“The positive impact that music-making has on our business and its people is significant.”

I soon became aware of existing office choirs at, UBS, John Lewis and the Guardian. We launched the Office Choir of the Year Competition (OCOTY) to bring more office choirs to the surface, creating a community and promoting the benefits of office music-making and it has grown to now include many leading companies

Bringing music into an office environment helps to open up numerous, previously untapped, channels of communication between the participants and their colleagues. Music is a complete leveller and a powerful universal language. Through the different musical services we offer at Music in Offices, we have witnessed striking improvements in how companies communicate their brands, but more importantly how employees within the company interact with each other and the community around them. From Diversity weeks, to Health & Wellbeing events, conferences and Leadership development away-days, MIO’s music programmes deliver many tangible benefits.

Now, in a world where we are highly digitalised and, as a result, in some way dehumanised, there has never been more need for music in the fabric of corporate culture. Music in the workplace really helps employees think and communicate in an open, inclusive way, and importantly to listen to others. MIO challenges organisations and their people to use a different perspective to assess how we perform and ‘conduct’ ourselves at work.

MIO aspires to become a trusted corporate partner for our clients, using music and its attributes to help develop and enrich their corporate learning and culture in a truly unique way. Our clients use music to develop listening skills, nurture relationships within teams and improve leadership qualities.

Please do get in touch if you’re interested in bringing music into your workplace or if you’d just like to hear more about our work.


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