The benefits of music in the workplace: Part 1 – Communication

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Over the next few weeks, I’ll be looking at the specific benefits that come from using music as a tool in the workplace. We’ll start with a key benefit, essential to the successful functioning of any team or company: Communication.

Bringing music into an office environment helps open up numerous, previously untapped channels of communication between the participants and their colleagues. Through the different musical activities we offer at MIO, we have witnessed striking improvements in how companies communicate their brands, but more importantly how employees within the company communicate and interact with each other and their community.

At Deloitte, for example, 80% of our pupils said that having music in their office made them feel more positive about working for Deloitte. ‘Music In Offices has been one of the most interesting and impactful morale-boosters I have experienced in 20 years with the firm.’ said Ben Resch, Global IFRS, Deloitte.

When we set up an office choir, before we even get close to singing, communication is key.

We use the company’s existing, internal communications to create awareness; we encourage the coordinator to create a committee so that there are internal ambassadors and then we find a choral conductor who we think will suit the personality of the office choir. Each choir has its own character and often conformed to the brand of the company they represent.

For example, the choir at L’Oreal were amazingly confident, quirky, fun and outgoing, creating a great sound within two weeks. The John Lewis Cavendish Singers came across as very professional and technically flawless, and the Historic Royal Palaces Choir really did love singing renaissance and medieval music!

In every choir rehearsal new relationships are made. Standing shoulder to shoulder is a complete leveller and in an office environment this is invaluable and quite rare. Singing together creates a resonance between people because we respond to music as human beings, not as computers. As we all know there are some work places where employees typically only communicate through messenger on computers and easily go a whole day without actually speaking to one another.

Music has existed throughout evolution as an essential ingredient for bonding and social cohesion. It provides an instinctual, straightforward way to start breaking down the barriers created by the modern workplace, resulting in happier, more productive individuals and a more effective workforce.

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