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Tortoise walking on a sandy floor.

While we seem to be rocketing forward at great speed in most areas of life, some things are slowing down.

Calvin Harris has slowed down the beat of his dance music. Less people are taking MDMA and more people are taking pain killers to neutralise energy and slow themselves down according to Kathy Iandoli in The Guardian.

Are we trying to retreat from the fast pace technology imposes?

Easy to do at the weekends or after work, but how can you take control of the pace of your working day?

At MIO we encourage the merits that music-making can bring to your health and all within the working day: singing slows down your breathing and heart rate, enforcing your brain to stop thinking about work.

The concentration needed to learn a new instrument or to train your singing voice means that you switch off from the stresses of the day and enjoy the slower pace of strumming chords and learning finger positions. This has the desired effect of slowing you down.

Of course, listening to meditative music can also have a similar effect. If you’d like to experience this with some live chanting, I would highly recommend this upcoming concert with the Dalai Lama’s Gyuto Monks of Tibet who chant in a deep harmonic overtone, unique on the planet.

Are you slowing down? Or do you feel the need to slow down? Let me know in the comments below.

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