Music for wellbeing: Can our choice of tunes lift our positivity & wellbeing in lockdown?

Published by Jon on

In this time of disquiet and isolation, culture and music-making remain an important activity to enrich our lives with moments of positivity, uplift and wellbeing.  It feeds our deep-seated need for social and intellectual stimulation and emotional connection with others. 

Shared music-making – whether it’s with a family member, a friend, a teacher, an ensemble or within the context of a choir rehearsal – builds a much needed feeling of togetherness and community at this time of heightened isolation. Bringing music into a work environment helps to open up numerous, previously untapped, channels of communication between colleagues and their place of work. It can improve how companies communicate their brands, but more importantly how employees within the company communicate, interact, collaborate and connect with each other. Now, in this time of isolation, this collaboration is more important than ever.

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