MIOnline's Christmas Season

We know that one of joys at Christmas time is coming together with music. This year might be a little different but it’s perhaps more important than ever that we reach out to colleagues and enjoy shared experiences. At MIO we’ve created a bespoke number of musical projects for you and your colleagues, you can pick from one of the below or we can create a fully bespoke option for you. 

Let’s get making music together this Christmas.

Carols Big Sing

Missing out on your yearly carols this year just isn’t an option! We’ve offering the chance to have your very own private Virtual Carol Session with one of our conductors. You can choose from your Christmas favourites and invite both colleagues, friends and family.

Let’s get you all singing from the same hymn sheet this Christmas.

Christmas Band Sessions with JT

If you have some budding instrumentalists among your colleagues then our Band Sessions are for you. JT will coach you for on a song of your choice and will help you form the perfect virtual band.

Bring your instrument and jingle bells and get ready to live that rockstar dream. 

Online Singing Sessions and E-Card

With this package you’ll have 4 hour long sessions with one of our experienced choral conductors and create an E-Card which you can send to friends and family. This can also be branded up for your workplace to send to clients and colleagues too.

During the sessions you’ll work on a number of pieces and then settle on one which you think works best for your group and the final product! 

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Online Singing Sessions and Virtual Performance

Our Virtual Performance package gives you 4 hour long sessions with one of our experienced choral conductors and a full Virtual Performance.

Before the sessions take place we’ll work with you to find a piece that works best, Christmassy or not we’ll find the perfect fit. 

Once completed you’ll have a full video performance of your chosen song to share and watch whenever you like. It’s time to get recording your very own Christmas No. 1.

How recordings works

Step 1

You’ll work on a piece picked for you during the rehearsal sessions.

This can be anything and your conductor will help you find what’s best for the individual singers you have. 

Step 2

We’ll send you the score, individual rehearsal tracks for each line and a full backing track to get you started on learning your piece.

Step 3

You send your separate videos to us and we’ll put them together ready for you to share with colleagues, friends and family. 

You’ll either receive your short clip for an E-Card or the full Virtual Performance depending on the project.

To start your package and for further information get in touch with rob@musicinoffices.com