MIOnline - Give a Little Bit Virtual Performance

Send in your recordings by the 11th of September,
you'll find all you need to get involved below.

Following the success of our previous Virtual Performance, we are pleased to be teaming up with The Lord Mayor’s
City Giving Day with our own version of Supertramp’s ‘Give A Little Bit’

We have had this piece specially arranged and are asking both singers and instrumentalists to give a little by joining in!

So your task is to record yourself either singing or playing along with our backing track. MIO Conductor Alexander Jaye has put together all the guides for you to learn the music and we’re really excited about bringing together all your performances.

How can I learn the piece?



You can download a score below.

We’ve covered all voice types and lots of instruments so it’s time to dust off those vocal chords and instrument cases!

Our Conductor Alexander has recorded all that you’ll need to get to grips with your parts. 

You’ll also find tuition tracks for all the vocal lines below – 

SopranoAltoTenor / Bass

Our two workshop session were fantastic! If you missed out or would like a recap you can watch both of the live sessions using the links below.

Voices Workshop with Caitlin Downie

Band Workshop with James Taylor and Eleanor Rastall

Recording Guide

As you may be unsure of how to record yourself, we have put together a handy list to help!

Things you will need:

– A way to view the music: You may print out the score, or should you wish to save paper, you can view it on a tablet or a computer.

– For singers a way to view and listen to the conductor video: This is a prepared video with Alexander guiding you along to a prerecorded mockup of the arrangement. Make sure you are able to watch and listen to this while recording yourself so we can syncronise you with everyone else! You will also be able to hear the clicks in and your starting notes at the beginning.

– For instrumentalists a way to listen to your guide tracks. Make sure you listen to this while you record yourself so we can synchronise you with everyone else!

– Headphones: Make sure you are listening to this using headphones, we only want to hear your voice on the recording. 

Voices Conducting Video Guide

Use this video to sing with when recording your part.

Once you’re set up you’ll need a way to record yourself on video. We’ve put together a few pointers which might help when getting that perfect take!

– Phone: You can record yourself by using the video function on your phone! If you choose to do this prop up the phone on books as opposed to holding it, it gives a much better sound for the final product.

– Computer: If you have a computer at home with a camera or webcam, you can record using that.

– Orientation: Try to record yourself in landscape for the video, if it’s not possible don’t worry as we can always switch it around after.

If you are worried about recording yourself singing on your own, here’s some helpful advice!

– Multiple Takes: You don’t have to send the first take! In fact most singers enjoy doing about 3 and then sending their favorite.

– Imagine yourself in a choir: You may worry about not sounding good enough on your own – but remember this will be sounding as if you are in a choir with your voice blending with many others. Your best is definitely good enough.

How to upload your track

Timeline of Events

Once you have completed your recording it’s time to send in your singing. Just follow these two simple steps.

– Name your file with Name/Voice Part/Choir or Company

– Upload your file via WeTransfer.com, once you receive the link send it to rob@musicinoffices.com. 

We’ll let you know once it’s been received.

Submit Your Recordings by the 11th of September


Online Viewing Party of the Final Performance

22nd of September 08:45

Come and watch the premier of the finished product!

“I know this is a trying time and everyone is in the midst figuring out new ways of working. I wanted to shoot you a quick note to let you know how great my first remote lesson was with Francesca. I was a bit apprehensive about the whole thing, but Fran put me at ease right away..... It was so nice to be able to take a break from work, see a friendly face, and continue learning and tweaking the songs we’ve been working on this term.”
Lauren Birney, UK Change