What our clients say

We work with a range of business in a variety of different sectors including commercial, corporate, public and third sector organisations.

What people say about the impact of our work is a testament to the talent musicians we work with. 


The positive impact that music-making has on our business and its people is significant.

It brings many benefits, in terms of productivity and effective work relationships as well as external networking and brand profile.

Music in Offices has provided us with a highly motivating and valuable musical initiative which has boosted staff morale and supported the development of effective community and corporate relationships.
Peter Martyr
CEO, Norton Rose Fulbright
I came out feeling full of joy and beaming with energy. Esmeralda puts you at ease straight away and brings out your inner voice. Loved every minute of it and plan to continue singing.
Sunita Levi
Learning and Development Manager, Reynolds Porter Chamberlain
MIO has been one of the most interesting and impactful morale boosters I've experienced in 20 years at the firm.
Ben Resch
A big part of my role is the analysis and resolution of technical challenges. I’ve found that my music lessons leave me feeling refreshed and inspired which really does help me to provide creative solutions to the issues of the day.
Ben Resch

Banking, Finance and Insurance

Thank you for such a well-coordinated, engaging and fun event. The feedback was 100% positive, people really loved learning something new and I think the whole concept really brought our theme - 'it takes all of us' - to life.
Denise Cole
Diversity and Inclusion Manager, CITI
My team loved the session and were delighted by the overall effect of singing, and dancing, together. The comments afterwards were unanimously favourable.
Benedict Brogan
Group Public Affairs Director, Lloyds Banking Group
The choir is my stress release – I love going to the sessions & I enjoy meeting new people & learning new pieces. This has been great for Aviva’s profile and corporate image too!
Choir Member
Aviva Choir
It worked very well to bring together our somewhat disparate group (we are each part of global teams with the same ultimate boss, but not a single team as such). Rachel was excellent – dynamic, amusing, challenging and encouraging.
Benedict Brogan
Head of Pensions and Benefits, Standard Chartered Bank
The session I attended absolutely summed up diversity for me.

A completely different way of thinking and approaching problems that are often at times dealt with in the same corporate approach using an analogy that was easy to understand and meaningful.
Workshop Delegate
There were so many parallels to work – the focus, commitment, coordination, camaraderie, the continuous improvement and drive for excellent, the celebrating success, and the recognition that we experienced as a group.
Aysha Tupman
Leadership Programme Manager, Citi

Media and Advertising

Our singing workshop was fantastic and left me with a huge smile on my face all afternoon.
John Sandy
Channel 4 News Editor, ITN
If our experience at Channel 4 is anything to go by, our joining with Music in Offices has been the most socialising event since I joined the company in 1976!
Jon Snow
Channel 4 News Presenter, ITN