What We Do

Happy productive employees mean a successful business. 

We bring music into the workplace by managing office choirs, instrument tuition, and bespoke music-led workshops and events designed to engage, energise, and inspire. 


Music lessons are a very popular employee benefit.

They can attract the best talent and help to retain your staff.

Having this opportunity offers a creative outlet in the working day, and unearths hidden talent amongst your employees, bringing music into the culture of your workplace.

A large proportion of the Music in Offices teachers are graduates from some of the world’s most celebrated music colleges and conservatories. 

We’re proud to support this amazing talent at an exciting stage in their careers.

If you’re interested in introducing music tuition to your organisation, speak to our Tuition Manager, Catrin who can provide you all the information you need.

Contact our Tuition Manager, Catrin.

"I really enjoy my singing lessons with Music in Offices. They are energising and help to develop positive wellbeing. Each week I learn more and I certainly listen with greater knowledge and appreciation to other people singing."
Guy Main, Senior Manager
"MIO has enabled me to rediscover my love of singing and has given me the confidence to push myself to improve week on week. I always look forward to my lessons which are thoroughly enjoyable and are a highlight of my week!"
Emma Critchley, Solicitor
“Knowing that I have that hour each week, where I can escape into the music, has had a profound impact on me. I come away from each session feeling uplifted and ready to tackle anything that is thrown my way.”
Lauren Birney
UK Change, SE1
"For 6 years I've been taking lessons with MIO and I love the opportunities it brings, both for learning and for performance. Knowing that as and when I have some downtime from work I can nip into the music room and keep the piano going is a huge plus in my life."
Patrick Massey
"A big part of my role is the analysis and resolution of technical challenges. I’ve found that my music lessons leave me feeling refreshed and inspired which really does help me to provide creative solutions to the issues of the day."
Jason Milner, Systems Management Engineer

Team Building

We provide bespoke music-led workshops that bring teams together. 

During our workshops participants learn new ways to communicate with one another, helping them create a tighter-knit team. 

Participants leave our workshops feeling united, empowered and energised to face the challenges ahead. 

Workshops are designed to meet the challenges your teams are currently facing.

Sessions typically consist of warm up games, sound exploration, rounds, part-singing and call-and-response exercises. 

“There were so many parallels to work – the focus, commitment, coordination, comradery, the continuous improvement and drive for excellent, celebrating success, and the recognition that we experienced as a group.”
Aysha Tupman Newbery, Leadership Programme Manager
"The session went great. We had a bunch of people who were not up for singing at all. By the end, everyone was into it. Eleanor was amazing and really brought together a bunch of very sceptical people."
Lauren Birney
UK Change


Research shows that singing in a choir boosts well-being, creating last impact by breaking down workplace silos and promoting a sense of collaboration across teams and levels. 

We set-up and run a number of workplace choirs and run the Music in Offices Choir of the Year competition. Who doesn’t get motivated by a little bit of gentle inter-organisation competitive spirit? 

Our choirs range from 6-40 members, are led by professional conductors and musicians, and typically rehearse either before or after work, or during the lunch hour. 

Fancy becoming an harmonious employer and starting a workplace choir? Contact Tessa to find out more. 

“The thing I love about choir is every Thursday lunchtime we come and it just cleans your head out. We’ve got this fantastic conductor called Richard, he’s just changed our lives basically. We have a good laugh, we have a good sing and when I go back to my desk on Thursday afternoon, I am refreshed and I work better!”
Terry Donovan
Kingsley Napley
“I have found that by joining the choir I have met and made friends with people from other departments that I would not normally be in contact with (especially when you work in a company with approx 800 employees).”
Patricia Asare
Baker McKenzie
"I’ve found that my music lessons leave me feeling refreshed and inspired which really does help me to provide creative solutions to the issues of the day."
Jason Milner, Systems Management Engineer