Case Study - ICENI Projects

Happy productive employees mean a successful business. 

We bring music into the workplace by managing office choirs, instrument tuition, and bespoke music-led workshops and events designed to engage, energise, and inspire. 

In our case studies we share some of the projects we’ve worked on and the results we delivered. 


The ICENI Projects team were looking for a day long activity that would be fun, inclusive and music filled.

Our Solution

We created a bespoke full day with a number of sessions which involved one of our MIO conductors arriving in the morning with a specifically arranged piece of music chosen by only a select group who knew what the day had in store. 

After a few hours of rehearsal the whole team was then taken to a recording studio where their hard word was immortalised in both audio and video form.

“Inevitably there was trepidation a plenty when we announced the surprise choir for our Christmas Party, but Rob did a wonderful job winning the sceptics over and getting everyone to have a fantastic day singing! I wouldn’t hesitate to use Music in Offices again and would happily recommend them to any company looking to put on an imaginative, collaborative and fun event for their staff.”
James Waterhouse
ICENI Projects