Case Study - Lloyds Banking Group

Happy productive employees mean a successful business. 

We bring music into the workplace by managing office choirs, instrument tuition, and bespoke music-led workshops and events designed to engage, energise, and inspire. 

In our case studies we share some of the projects we’ve worked on and the results we delivered. 

To bring together a group of people to become one team as part of an away day conference and team build.

Our Solution

We created a singing workshop led by David Lawrence, with instrumental backing on the drums, percussion and double bass. Focusing around the song ‘World in Union’ the team had to interact and respond to one another in a variety of ways, whilst work in groups to produce a final performance.

"My team loved the session and were delighted by the overall effect of singing – and dancing – together. The comments afterwards were unanimously favourable – ‘we should keep singing’ was one of them." Benedict Brogan Lloyds Banking Group
Benedict Brogan
Lloyds Banking Group