Doug Cartwright

Doug Cartwright / Tutor

Doug Cartwright is a guitar player and teacher based in Willesden Green, North West London. He is a BMus(Hons) Popular Music Performance graduate and holds an RSL Level 6 Licentiate Diploma in Music Teaching.

Doug is a specialist in modern guitar styles and contemporary guitar education. He was a guitar instructor and course content writer at The Rhythm Studio, a music school based in Kensington & Chelsea College, for 11 years from the opening of the school in 2008 through to August 2019. He’s also worked as a regular contributor to the internationally acclaimed Guitar Interactive Magazine, as well as writing educational material for the International Guitar Foundation/Ministry of Guitar and appearing in instructional videos published by Lick Library.

Doug’s approach to lessons is to inspire and motivate students by first identifying their unique musical aspirations and then presenting the most relevant material to help learners progress at the fastest possible rate towards their own musical goals.

As an artist, Doug has recorded and produced several independent releases. His most recent album, ‘Shadow Self Psalms’ with his band Amid the Barren and Lost, was hailed as a “new British metal gospel” by Metal Hammer magazine. Kerrang!’s Alex Barker described his previous band, Beneath Dead Waves, as “so talented it’s like they’re taking the mick” while they were touring the UK in 2014.

As well as recording and performing in several alternative bands, Doug has also played with blues, soul and funk bands. He’s gigged with duos and function bands, as well as creating music for theatre productions, independent films and professional wrestling shows. Doug’s recordings have been played on BBC Radio, Kerrang! radio, Total Rock radio, The Electric Guitar Show and ITV’s ‘Take Me Out’. 

Where did you study music?
I graduated from the Institute of Contemporary Music (ICMP) in 2011.

What is your favourite piece of music/song?
There are so many it’s difficult to narrow it down! I love guitar music in all forms, but the music that really inspired me to start playing was the rock music of the ’80s and ’90s – Metallica, Guns N’ Roses and Van Halen. These days I also study and listen to a lot of jazz and fusion music, it’s hard to pick a favourite player but if I had to it might be Allan Holdsworth.

What single thing could you not live without?
My guitar! It could be a challenge to decide which one though…

Who has inspired you the most?
Jason Becker’s ‘Perpetual Burn’ album and his incredible life story is an infinite reservoir of inspiration for me. My teaching methods are inspired by Shaun Baxter and the work of Howard Roberts amongst others.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Swanage in Dorset, before moving to London to join the rock n’ roll circus when I was 19!