Gonçalo Charneca

Gonçalo Charneca / Tutor

Gonçalo began studying music as a child and very quickly fell in love with the guitar. He studied intensely  and by the time he was 17 he was already gigging regularly with function groups. For the next few years, his dedication for the instrument kept growing and he feverously kept learning different genres while developing his own style. 

By 20 years old he focused on studying and playing Jazz and started a Jazz Performance Degree at JBJazz, a private jazz school in Lisbon, where he studied with some of the best musicians in Portugal. Highlight of this time was performing at the Hot Club of Lisbon, performing the music of Bernardo Moreira, one’s of Portugal’s great Jazz masters.

At 24 he moved to London to attend an undergraduate in Popular Music Performance at the University of East London. During this time, he has been introduced to a whole new level of musicianship through his teachers, his colleagues and the people he has worked with. Playing with different artists, embracing new instruments and skills, as piano, percussion, arranging skills, recording and releasing 2 full-length albums, working with label Dreamscope Records and gigging regularly, his appreciation and love for music and guitar is more focused than ever.

Gonçalo has over a decade of music teaching experience which has included managing a small music school in Lisbon. Since moving to London he has continued to  teach privately. Always an enthusiastic student of the guitar and curious about different genres and styles, Gonçalo enjoys teaching a variety of genres, from blues, to folk and rock, as well as theory and improvisation.