Ilze Ikse

Ilze Ikse / Tutor

Ilze Ikse is a flutist based in London with a special interest in experimental and contemporary music. She has worked with many young composers as well as various ensembles – Distractfold Ensemble, Dr. K, Plus Minus, Ossian and Metapraxis Ensemble. Ilze’s performances have taken her to the Royal Festival Hall, the Barbican Hall, St. James’ Church, Piccadilly and LCMF as well as various venues in Berlin, France, Sweden, Spain and Denmark. She has been a member and organizer of Kammer Klang series at Cafe Oto, presenting curated programmes of new contemporary classical and experimental music. Ilze has more than 20 years of experience as a flute teacher and her career started at the early age of 17 when she was invited to take over her own flute teachers’ class. Since then Ilze have been teaching in various schools, privately and also doing workshops for young flutists and composers in Southampton, York, Cheltenham Universities as well as leading Aldeburgh Young Musician workshops. Where did you study music? I studied flute in few countries. After starting in a music specialised school in Riga, I later obtained my Masters Degree at The Latvian Academy of Music. I then studied at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague and after that I continued my professional development at The Royal Academy of Music, London, where I obtained my second Masters Degree in Music Performance. What is your favourite piece of music/song? For a while now I have been collaborating with young generation composers, working with new ideas that expand the traditional use/ knowledge of instruments. On that note I would say that there are quite a few composers whose work I find inspiring, such as Morton Feldman, John Cage and Iannis Xenakis. One of my favourite pieces written for flute is by french composer AndrĂ© Jolivet Chant de Linos. What single thing could you not live without? My flutes and alarm clock. Who has inspired you the most? Good books, teachers and concerts. Where did you grow up? I grew up in a city called Sigulda, Latvia.